viernes, 24 de abril de 2009

Florida jets 2009 ( 8 y 9 de marzo)

Raul Lozano, premiado y reconocido como mejor piloto por los vuelos realizados en este altisimo evento a nivel internacional,con la participacion de mas de 300 pilotos de todos los paises del mundo.
Best Military Jet, Sponsered by RC International,Johnny Hernandez,BAE Hawk
Best Military Jet ( runner up), Sponsered by ZAP Glue, Craig Gottschamg, Mibo A-10
Best Sport Jet, Sponsered by PST Engines,Vern Kramer,BVM King Cat
Best Sport Jet (runner up), Sponsered by FLY RC Magazine, Joey Tamez, Ultra Bandit
Best Sport Jet Performance, Sponsered by JR Radio, Thomas Singer, Velox
Best Scale Jet Performance, Sponsered by Futaba, Louis Ceja, F-16
Best Electric Jet, Sponsered by RCJI Magazine, Dustin Buescher, Electra
Best Electric Jet Performance, Sponseredy by RC Jet Models, Rob Lynch, BVM Electra
Best Multi Jet Performance, Sponsered by JET CAT USA, Craig Gottschang, A-10
Best Craftsmanship, Sponseredy by BOB VIOLETT MODELS, Craig Gottschang, A-10
Best Graphics, Sponsered by PRO-MARK, Francis Pischner, BVM Bandit
Engineering Excellence, Sponsered by JET CENTRAL, Jose Melendez, BVM Mig 15
Most Outstanding Jet Flight, Sponsered by JET JOE, David Shulman, BVM Ultra Bandit
Special Recognition, Sponsered by BVM, Ali Machinchy, RCI Viper
Special Recognition, Sponsered by JR Radio, Rod Snyder, BVM Red Bull F-100
Special Recognition, Sponsered by PST Engines, Walter Larson, Mibo A-10
Special Recognition, Sponsered by Futaba, Stephan Volker, SkyGate Viper
Special Recognition, Sponsered by Kyosho, Raul Lozano, Comp ARF Ultra Lightning
Special Recognition, Sponsered by Global Jet Club, Dave Presta, RCI F-4
Special Recognition, Sponsered by Jet Central, Phillip Weikert, BAE Hawk
Special Recognition, Sponsered by Jet Joe, Jorge’ Escalona, F-4
Critics Choice runner-up, Sponsered by RC International, Walt Larson, A-10
Critics Choice Sponsered by ZAP GLUE & FLY RC MAGAZINE, Craig Gottschang, A-10


Aqui os dejo unos videos del florida jets 2009:

He aqui un recopilatorio hecho por RC UNIVERSE, muy bien estructurado.

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